“A wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.”
— Prof. Ross Williams, Lecturer in Popular Music, Qld Conservatorium Of Music
The benefit of the Power-Up series Social Media course should be shouted from the rooftops - Brilliant work Samantha and Kylie!!
— Tara, Harry J Hart Music
“I learnt some pretty freakin’ awesome tools that are helping me get off my butt and put myself out there...I’m totally creating a bangin profile now!”
— Jean Claire Martin, Photographer
“No words to describe accurately just how excited and uplifted I felt after this brilliant workshop.”
— Andrew Scott, Treadwise Media
The “Power-Up” sessions are invaluable, they’ve helped me to ensure I’m putting my energy in the right places. Get on it. It’s the good stuff haha!
— Phil Barlow, singer/songwriter/guitarist
“Thanks Kylie and Sam for sharing your wisdom and inspiring the pants off me!!!”
— Jules Hayes, musician
Picked up some great notes on marketing and mainly a big kick up the butt to get my shit together thank u! Well worth the $.
— Jax, musician
That was a fantastic workshop. I know and use social media but that gave me great direction in how to stop messing about and use it correctly.
— Jill